Areekeera® Energy First Aid Kit:

Neck, Back & shoulders Program

From unrelievable pain to pain free in minutes using 6 easy visualisation Templates created by world renowned Medical Intuitive Julie Lewin.

This is for you if…

You are experiencing any or all of the folowing:

  • Crackling in your next when you turn your head from side to side
  • Stiff neck
  • Sore neck
  • Sore or tight shoulders
  • Pain between your shoulder blades, or under your shoulder blades
  • Pain in any part of your spine – upper, middle or lower back area
  • Stiffness bending forward
  • Spasming anywhere in your back
  • Crunching in any of your neck, shoulder or back joints

What magic will happen in this program

There is a short introduction about AreekeerA® and why we felt called to offer this healing course to the world. We discuss the principles of the AreekeerA® templates and how you can claim back the power of your sovereignty and heal yourself.

And YES, you can do this!
The course is set our in an easy to follow system anyone can follow.

1. Watch the Teaching Videos

I will explain the context of each of the healing Templates, why and how I created them, and what will occur within the healing.

2. Listen to Visualisation Templates

These are the AreekeerA ®Templates. You will be guided through visualisations within your body, so your body will heal itself.


3. Journal your Experience

The root of illness is trapped emotion. So identifying what was sitting within you and what was released is important.

This course was recorded specifically for you to follow at your own pace. Many people have already listened to the videos and templates with great success. The testimonials below are from people who have watched the recordings in the course or been guided through the templates by Julie.

here are the results

Masterclass Attendees

These include a selection of attendees who had 1:1 guidance or took the course online.

“I am blown away by what we are really capable of doing within our own bodies. I must tell you that it is so easy watching your videos. You are so natural and easy to listen to – I loved each one.”
Lianne Van der Walt, Australia

“The course enables you to really connect to your physical body in a way that is simple yet so profound to bring about some amazing and quick healing. You can’t help but be touched by the healing hands of an angel through her healing templates as she empowers you to be the master of your own healing.”
Faith Friend, Australia

“The most powerful realisation I made during the AreekeerA® course is the knowledge that we all do actually have the power to heal ourselves. I truly recommend this course for anyone who is feeling disconnected from themselves and in need of some powerful self healing.”
Jodi O’Connell, Australia



1. Purchase the Course

We have made it easy to purchase the course here. You will receive all the files you need in a Google Drive folder. There are some additional upsells you may like, but these aren’t essential for you to experience healing.

2. Prepare your Environment

Find yourself a quiet, still room to sit for 15 minutes per template. Create a sacred space by lighting a candle, playing some relaxing music or using some essential oils. Make sure you have a pen & journal.

3. Watch the Videos

Allow yourself the time and space to watch the video and do the healing on yourself for each Template you require. You can do each Template every day as a maintenance program. Or do the Template for your specific needs.

Remember, you are purchasing a recorded course. However, they are just as potent as if you were in a 1:1 session.

Who are we?

We are Julie & Tash Lewin –

Mother Daughter Duo

Emissaries of the Light

Channelling new Codes of Light to clear the way for the Light to raise the vibration of the Collective and the Planet, and move humanity into a new Age.

Transmuting Dark to Light by healing each person’s Ancestral Lineage, so they can follow their Soul’s Calling.


Julie Lewin was awarded Top 10 Energy Healer in the World 2021 by Energy Healing Magazine.

Check it out 

Julie has been a Medical Intuitive & Master Energy Healer for over 37 years. She was featured on the TV show The Extraordinary on 4 episodes. This has been broadcast all around the world. She would received bagfuls of mail every day from people who needed healing. As a result of sharing her x-ray vision seeing inside people’s bodies, she developed her own Energy Healing Modality AreekeerA®. This is a collection of Visualisation Templates that have been used on thousands of clients to help them successfully heal their own bodies.

Watch ep 41 of The Extraordinary featuring Julie Lewin


As a result of starting to work with her daughter Tash, she has developed a new Clearing Method they have called “The Cascade Method™”. Through it, Julie cleans all 7 of the energy bodies, from the beginning of the Soul’s journey, through all potential timelines, and down into the atomic level of the physical body. It is truly multi-dimensional healing. And it not only heals you, but also all of the ascendants and descendants on your family tree.