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who are we?

Mother-Daughter Duo

Julie Lewin

Medical Intuitive + Business Mentor + Spiritual Coach

Hi, I’m Julie. I have been a medical intuitive since 1984 and an Intuitive Business Coach & Mentor since 2009.

In 1984 I was told during a Psychic Reading that I had two paths to choose. One would lead to divorces, illness and death in my 50s…on the other path, I would stay married, overcome illness and live into my 90s…to choose the second path? I was told I had the ability to see inside people’s bodies and that I needed to do this healing work. 

There was really only one option…I chose Option 2.

Did I know I could see inside people’s bodies? NO! lol. I had no idea, and no idea where to even start…there was no Google, no leaders to follow. I had to be a pioneer instead.

I asked God to show me what to do. I asked for visions. I said, if you want me to do this work, then show me how. And I kept asking, even to this day. And that is how my Energy Medicine modality AreekeerA® came to be.

Over 38 years of working, testing, and developing, I created my unique Body of Work. I have  been on TV, radio & online…helping tens of thousands of people heal themselves, energetically and physically. 

Now, I have a new Mission. I want to help highly successful people live a life of expanded consciousness without feeling like they need to escape & renunciate their life…or feel like their life will implode if they go on this heart-driven exploration. I want to normalise what other’s think of as weird. We can live a life of spirituality, of deep connection to Source, without being seen as flaky or crazy or weird. Connectedness is sacred, and I treasure creating experiences of sacred life, lived moment to moment.

Tash Lewin

Graphic Designer + Business Mentor + Spiritual Coach

Hi, I’m Tash. My mum has been doing spiritual development work since I was a baby. It has been my life, my normal since then.

Have I always embraced it? No. Have I sometimes run from the enormity of my Mission? Absolutely yes. Am I now all in? 1000% Yes!

My childhood was rough…but it was in preparation for my Soul Work.

I was always different, and I was ostracised more often than not. But when you have a Soul Mission, you need to go through the fire…just like diamonds are created under pressure and steel is hardened by flame.

I know why I was called back to Earth at this time, my Mission is you. I am the Bridge between dimensions, and you will be upgraded being in my presence. I don’t say this to be arrogant or to gloat…I say it so you trust what led you here.

It would be my priviledge to be your Soul Work Midwife and to help you birth your Soul Work onto the world stage.

Together we are

World-changing Channels for Divine Wisdom

We help you clear the deep seated blocks that impact on your health, wellbeing and success.

We support you to change state radically, with a variety of uniquely designed and delivered Healing Templates, 1:1 Processes, and Magic not Logic™ Practices.

Your intuition is your personal GPS – it guides you along the twists and turns of life:

  • When you listen to it and act on it’s advice you are in flow
  • When you ignore it and go against your instincts, you create stress and drama

We facilitate the release of deep, unconscious blocks which scramble your intuitive GPS instructions. No more feeling like you are lost and without support.

Your body provides you with evidence of your intuition. We help you recognise it and trust it.

Why would you work with us?

You are a perfectionist, giver and you struggle to give yourself permission to take the time for you to refill your energy reservoir.

We know how this feels, we’ve experienced the dilemma too and come through the other side. There is another way.

Julie Lewin

No one can give you your Revelations (aka “AHA Moments”). They come from within.

How others can serve you well is to hold space for you so you can have your epiphany, thereby empowering you to “own” your journey and where you are in life.

And what this means is that you surround yourself with people who don’t try to “fix you”, or “solve your problems for you” or tell you that “this or that thing” is going to be amazing for you based on their experience.

The only way anything will be amazing for you is if YOU decide it will be.

When you take the High Road you will reach your full potential. This means you are willing to inspect all areas of you and embrace the chaos/challenges that arise as opportunities to shine light (ie “Love”) on these areas of your life.

And then you get to experience living your life authentically aligned to YOUR vision NOT someone else’s dream of how you should live or behave.

Let’s work together! You’ll get all the resources you need to live in flow, remove your stress and and birth the soul work that has been knocking at your heart.

Funky Facts

about Julie Lewin

## I’ve been married 41 years and have two children with successful careers.

## When the children reached their mid-20’s, instead of waiting for them to leave home, we left and moved to the country.  We now live on 1/2 acre … grow our own organic fruit and veggies and have 11 free range hens (chooks) providing eggs each day.

## I appeared on 4 episodes of the TV show“The Extraordinary” demonstrating my medical intuitive skills with people in other towns and countries with uncanny accuracy.  Tens of thousands of people wrote and phoned for help – we took a sack to the post office every few days to collect the mail. The show was sold to 22 countries around the world and is now on YouTube.

##I lost my voice for 12 months after thyroid cancer surgery in 2000.  I promised to share my metaphysical and intuitive discoveries with the world if I my voice returned.  It did … and now I’m sharing my knowledge with you.

## Travel is a passion. My Dad had wanderlust and we traveled a lot as children. One year I went to 9 different schools.  At 16 I started traveling on my own in Australia.  At 18 I traveled around North America and Canada.  At 19 I traveled around Australia 3 times … and left home to move to Brisbane, Queensland.  Since getting married, I’ve traveled overseas to the United States, Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Ireland.  I’m itching to see more of the world.

## Before becoming an intuitive entrepreneur, I had a successful career as a personal assistant in the mining, legal and education industries.  I organised the technical officials’ village and developed the word processing program to process the ticketing and accommodation for the XII Commonwealth Games in Brisbane in 1982.

## Mentoring is a passion which started in my first job as a secretary.  Watching people take the information shared and transform their lives is priceless.

Funky Facts

about Tash Lewin

## I lectured in Graphic Design & Web Design for 4 years at SAE Creative Media Institute.

## I wrote a Graphic Design Diploma for a private RTO.

## I started, ran and sold a profitable wedding business, hiring gold cutlery for weddings and events

## I have been a graphic designer & brand strategist for 13 years.

## I worked in many different industries and positions since I was 15. I love to be challenged and learn new things, I spent most of my twenties exploring who I was within my work life and career. I found that I don’t job well, I am an entrepreneur at heart, and I need to be running my own show. Which I have now been doing for 9 Years.

## I went to New York in January 2020 with Steve for 1 week, on a whim, to see Jonathon Groff in Little Shop of Horrors. It was the best decision I have ever made, and my current Timeline Anchor is travelling the world and working wherever I am.


## I have been with my Partner Steve for 12 blissful years and we got married in 2021. I had never had a relationship until finding Steve when I was 28 years old…I insisted on waiting for the right man, who I knew since I was 18 was out there. And I was right to wait, I am so privileged to have attracted this incredible man into my life. And I regularly send messages back to my past self, that he is worth waiting for…I remember receiving those messages when I was young.

## I love learning about myself, and I have done every Personality Profile that has come across my path…Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth, Scientific Hand Analysis, Sparktype, …if you have more, I want em ;)

## I read Fantasy Fiction, almost exclusively. Reading gives my brain a break. It is always going, always seeing patterns and having revelations…sometimes I just need it to switch off for a bit…so I read fiction. And not just any books, the same 7 authors, that I have been reading since I was 14 years old. New books require me to hold knowledge in my head, old ones don’t.

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