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The Process

1. Send in an application

The first thing we will do is see if we are the right Guides for where you are at right now and where you want to go. To work 1:1 with us, it will be $8,800 (subject to change), so we make sure it is aligned with your Soul. Our packages are tailor made to your needs and work. It is an intensive and we hold the container for you to feel what needs to be felt.

2. Book initial zoom chat

We don’t work with everyone who applies. We make sure that you are ready for our vortex and what that means for your life. Our Personal Frequency is very high and it will uplevel you fast, and we have to make sure you have capacity for that.

We'll advise if your application is successful.

3. Say yes and get started

If your application is accepted, we will take payment and get you onboarded.

The Work starts energetically as soon as you commit, so we schedule your first session straight away. You will get results in the first few days, so be prepared for shifts to happen fast.

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