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You are a Visionary. You see what is, has been and can be in the future. You work with the Subtle Realm, pulling visions of what could be into the now, so that others can work with them. Without you there would be no art, beauty, form. You see the threads that connect everything within the Matrix and you pull it out of the ether and make it manifest.

You have the extraordinary ability to receive intuitive impressions visually, in the
form of symbols, images, colours and visions. These may be physical in the world
around you or in the mind’s eye. They may be detailed or a flash of impressions.
You may receive these visions while awake, in meditation, dreaming or in a lucid
dream state.

The key differentiator for this Language type is that you SEE things.

You use language like “Ah, yes, I see”, “I’ve had a vision”, “I had a flash of”, “See, I
told you so”, “I see what you mean”

If this Internal GPS Result isn’t what you thought it would be, a few things could be happening:

  • This Language ACTUALLY IS your Dominant one, but you aren’t using it consciously. Assume it is correct and begin practicing it consciously in your day to day life.
  • The quiz determines the dominant language based on which Result had the MOST answers. You may be accessing multiple Languages and not realise that the Result you received is the one you do the MOST often.

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