Have you ever just felt super heavy out of the blue, for no apparent reason at all…

And you can’t seem to shift it, no matter what you do?

You’re not sure if the emotion is even yours, and if it is yours, you can’t find the core of why it’s present.

You feel tired, worn out, contracted and like something is weighing you down.

We know what it’s like to be highly empathic and sensitive to the energy of the world.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to distinguish whether what you are feeling is yours, or it belongs to something outside of you.

Sometimes, even if you know it doesn’t belong to you, you can find yourself feeling it anyway – clearing for others, and feeling like you want to retreat from society…

…because being as sensitive and open as you are, it’s all too much.

Well we’re here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way – you don’t have to feel weighed down by dense energy any longer.

We’ve got you covered.

We created a series of potent clearing protocols to help powerful, empathic and energetically sensitive light-beings such as yourself remove harsh, dense or negative energy that is lingering in your field with ease and grace.

And we’d love to gift you the clearing for


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What is dense energy? You might ask…

Dense energy is a build up of old and stagnant energy that is dragging down the vibration of the space you are in, your own energetic fields or objects in your environment. 

This can be yours, or collective energy.

And, long story short, there’s no reason for you to be holding onto it.

So, if you would like to quickly and easily remove all dense energy from your field 

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Live Healing Circle with medical intuitive Julie Lewin

Course | Energy Clearings

AreekeerA® Energy Hygiene Kit: Maintain Energetic Boundaries

$199 AUD

A powerful protocol containing 8 sessions to help you clear and remove unwanted energies, and potent practices to help you protect and shield your energy field so you can ban them for good. Includes: Dense Energy, Low Frequency Entities, Tethered Ancestors, Unwelcome Spirits, Energetic Tracking, Energetic Implants, Open Portals and a Property & Land Clearing.

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