Weak energetic boundaries will lead to physical burnout

Energy Hygiene is the ultimate self-care

To help others, you have to help yourself first.

FREE DOWNLOAD: 44 Ways to energetically cleanse your home after toxic people have visited

Signs you may have weak energetic boundaries:

→ Tired all the time, even when you’ve slept well

→ Trapped in thought spirals

Feeling over emotional about everything

Heaviness like an anchor weighing you down

Anxious & overwhelmed by the smallest things

Flat, unmotivated and uninspired

→ Deep sadness – for no reason at all

Disconnected from others

Wanting to retreat and isolate yourself

→ Covered in a shroud that nothing can penetrate

Physically and mentally exhausted

Unlike your usual self

No desire to do the things you love

Don’t want to even look at your business

Saying yes when you really want to say no

→ Lost joy in your work

→ Find yourself angry at people for no reason

Julie & Tash, Mother-Daughter Duo, Emissaries of the Light
Julie & Tash, Mother-Daughter Duo, Emissaries of the Light

How about, instead of giving to others to the point of exhaustion, you could feel:

→ Lighter

→ Happier

→ More free

→ Energized

→ Joyful

→ Expansive

→ Re-connected to your purpose and life

→ Re-connected to your soul and to Source

→ Like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders

→ Like yourself again!

While still doing the soul work you were born to do.

We are Julie & Tash, the Mother-Daughter Duo.

We help Empaths and Healers manage their own energetic boundaries so they don’t burn out trying to help everyone else at the expense of themselves. 

Put your mask on first.

Julie & Tash, Mother-Daughter Duo, Emissaries of the Light

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.”

Alexandra K. Trenfor

3 Fast Track Steps to Upgrade your Energy Hygiene

1. Freebie

Have you ever felt super heavy after certain people leave your home…

And it’s not that you don’t like these people, sometimes they are the ones you love the most…but you just feel so drained after they leave.

To learn some more ways to rejuvenate the energy of your home, download our Free Checklist:

44 Ways to energetically cleanse your home after toxic people have visited

2. Online Program

This toolkit includes a collection of energy clearings plus cleansing & protection practices to maintain good energy hygiene.

AreekeerA® Energy Hygiene Kit:
Maintain Energetic Boundaries

3. 1:1 Coaching

We have a range of one-off coaching sessions to get to the Root Cause of your Resistance and shift the energy fast so you can start living your best life.
See them below.

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INTRODUCING Award Winning, world renowned energy healer & spiritual Leader Julie Lewin.

Julie Lewin, Medical Intuitive, Master Energy Healer

Energy Healer of the Year

WINNER:Energy Healing Magazine – Top 10 Energy Healers 2021
WINNER:Australian Enterprise Awards – Energy Healing Specialist of the Year 2022

Julie Lewin has been a Medical Intuitive & Master Energy Healer for over 37 years. She was featured on the TV show The Extraordinary on 4 episodes. This has been broadcast all around the world. She would received bagfuls of mail every day from people who needed healing.

As a result of sharing her x-ray vision seeing inside people’s bodies, she developed her own Energy Healing Modality AreekeerA®. This is a collection of unique Creative Visualisation Templates that have been used on thousands of clients to help them successfully heal their own bodies. To experience these Templates head over and get the AreekeerA® Energy First Aid Kit: Back, Neck & Shoulders.

Watch ep 41 of The Extraordinary featuring Julie Lewin

As a result of starting to work with her daughter Tash, Julie has developed a new Clearing Method they have called The Cascade Method™. Through it, she cleans all 7 of the energy bodies, from the beginning of the Soul’s journey, through all potential timelines, and down into the atomic level of the physical body. It is truly multi-dimensional healing. And it not only heals you, but also all of the ascendants and descendants on your family tree.

Together, they are now on a mission to Heal the Healers, and pass on the almost four decades of experience and knowledge Julie has gained being a Master Energy Healer to the masses.

They are passionate about the importance of Energy Hygiene and maintaining Energetic boundaries.

They also help Empaths, Healers and Lightworkers maintain their own health & vitality so they can help others without getting fried in the process.

Julie & Tash, Mother-Daughter Duo, Emissaries of the Light

As seen in:


Live Healing Circle with medical intuitive Julie Lewin

Clearing Meditation

Dense Energy


Get a taste of our Maintaining Energetic Boundaries Toolkit. This clearing will shift any dense energy that is dragging down your energy or the energy of the space you are in.

Live Healing Circle with medical intuitive Julie Lewin

Clearing Meditation

Who am I to do this?


Get a taste of our Complete Limiting Belief Clearing Kit. If you find that underneath the surface of your procrastination lurks a little voice that cries into the silence “but who am I to do this?”, then this clearing is for you. This recorded Clearing experience will unravel and decondition wherever your subconsconscious has made this true when your soul knows it isn’t.

Live Healing Circle with medical intuitive Julie Lewin


Want to know your current Level of Consciousness?

Your vibrational frequency determines what you attract into your life. If you want to attract different experiences, people or things, then you need to uplevel your frequency.

If you are feeling stuck trying to reach your potential, then this calibration could be the key to getting you unstuck!

Weekly Live classes

Live Healing Circle with medical intuitive Julie Lewin

Zoom Room

AreekeerA® Live Online Healing Circle: Healing Broadcast

$22 AUD

Join this virtual AreekeerA® Healing journey to experience tangible & blissful physical, emotional and spiritual healing, from world renowned & award winning Medical Intuitive Julie Lewin, creator of the AreekeerA® Modality.

Toolkits & Short Programs

Live Healing Circle with medical intuitive Julie Lewin

Course | Energy Clearings

AreekeerA® Energy Hygiene Kit: Maintain Energetic Boundaries

$199 AUD | 3 Payments of $79 AUD

A powerful protocol containing 8 sessions to help you clear and remove unwanted energies, and potent practices to help you protect and shield your energy field so you can ban them for good. Includes: Dense Energy, Low Frequency Entities, Tethered Ancestors, Unwelcome Spirits, Energetic Tracking, Energetic Implants, Open Portals and a Property & Land Clearing.

+ BONUS: Cleansing & Protection Meditation Practices to maintain energetic hygiene.

Course | 6 AreekeerA® Templates

AreekeerA® Energy First Aid Kit: Infection Management

$199 AUD | 3 Payments of $77 AUD

Transform your immune system to fight infection, viruses and any rogue cells with 10 minutes a day using 6 easy AreekeerA® Visualisation Templates created by world renowned & Award Winning Medical Intuitive Julie Lewin.

Course | 6 AreekeerA® Templates

AreekeerA® Energy First Aid Kit: Managing Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain

$199 AUD | 3 Payments of $77 AUD

From unrelievable pain to pain free in minutes using 6 easy AreekeerA® Visualisation Templates created by world renowned & Award Winning Medical Intuitive Julie Lewin.

Mindset Self-Care


Are you ready to finally kick those last lingering self-sabotaging beliefs in the butt?

$222 AUD | 3 Payments of $77 AUD

You’ve been doing this for decades and you’ve come up the hard way through your healing journey…

What if you finally allowed it to be easy?

Using almost 4 decades worth of experience in the Energy Healing space, we’ve channelled 50 Lightcode Clearings that hold Energetic Protocols to clear all the limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that are unconsciously holding you back on a professional or personal level…

And we’ve packaged them up in a powerful little kit for you.

Buy the bundle & save, or choose only the ones that bug you.


Julie & Tash - Procrastination Decoding Session

Coaching Session

Shadow Deconditioning Session

$333 AUD | approx $222USD (We charge in AUD)

During this 45 min session we will:

  • Figure out why your outside world isn’t reflecting all of the inner work you’ve been doing.
  • Unpack & Energetically Clear the deep stuff, the beliefs & wounding that lie deep beneath the surface.
  • Use a Proprietary Multi-Dimensional Clearing Technique developed by Julie Lewin, Master of Energy Healing for almost 4 decades. After 10 minutes of Clearing you won’t even be able to locate it anymore, you will only know Peace and Joy.

This is a get in and out quick session. You will need to come to this session with your inner world reflection already done. This may include:

  • patterns you have noticed recurring in your life
  • beliefs you know are holding you back
  • childhood trauma that’s lingering, etc.

This session is designed to propel you into the next level of your life and/or business.

You know you have a big purpose or mission in life and you are being driven towards it…BUT you are also finding yourself in MAJOR resistance and keep sabotaging your success.

You have done the inner work, you have journalled and sat in your stuff, you have investigated and witnessed your inner wounding or trauma…BUT your outer world doesn’t reflect all the work you’ve done and you’re tired.

It’s time for the final step, the last vital piece of the puzzle. It’s time for the Integration, the embodiment of all the revelations you’ve been having. 

It removes the trigger and takes the charge out of your cells and nervous system. It actually allows you to create new neural pathways that lead to lasting change.

Julie & Tash - Procrastination Decoding Session

Coaching Session

1:1 Resistance Decoding Session

$555 AUD

Spend 90 minutes with Julie & Tash, digging deep into your own unique circumstances to identify what is really going on underneath the surface of any procrastination or self-sabotaging behaviour.

This session is designed to unravel the stories, emotions and beliefs that are at the root of you feeling stuck. This is for you if don’t know what is causing this feeling. You know something is wrong, but you don’t know what it is.

You will bring to the table where you currently are and we will carefully excavate underneath this to identify the root causes.

We will then clear the energetic charge within these, so you can no longer locate the feeling anymore. This will free you up to create new habits and behaviours to create lasting change.

This session may include any of the following:

  • Karmic Regression
  • Limiting Belief Clearing
  • Property Clearing
  • Emotional Blockages Clearing
  • Energy Blockages Clearing
1:1 Decoding Session with Julie & Tash, Mother-Daughter Duo, Emissaries of the Light

Coaching Session

1:1 Business Clarity Session

$999 AUD

During this 2 hours session we will:

  • Look at where you are currently at in your business
  • Outline your goals i.e. lifestyle, income, client numbers, relationships, health etc
  • Give you insight into how you can achieve your goals 
  • Give you a roadmap to work towards
  • Energetically clear and re-programme the root cause of the major issue blocking you from moving forward and achieving the income and success you desire (using a proprietary method Julie Lewin has developed using her 37 years in the energetic healing industry)

Physical Products on our Lightcode Lab™ Shop:

CARD DECK: AreekeerA® Celestial Guidance

BOOK: The Art of Self-Healing

BOOK: The Intuition Builder

CARD DECK: Lightcode Lab’s™ Magic not Logic

AROMATHERAPY KIT: Clearing – I feel stuck

AROMATHERAPY KIT: Clearing – I am unlovable

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