Hi, We are Julie & Tash Lewin, Mother-Daughter Duo

"The Vortex" calibrates you to a new Impact Frequency & Activates your Soul Mission memory

Combining Business Strategy with Magic not Logic™ Guidance in a revolutionary way, we anchor you to your Soul Mission and Soul Impact Frequency

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If you have found your way here, it is because you agreed to a Soul Mission before returning to Earth once more. 

You said Yes to being part of the Mass Ascension of the Earth Grid.

You are a sleeper agent for the Mass Ascension Matrix and you are being called to service.

You may not have known, you may not even understand these words, but they are your wake up call. The clarion awakening memories of your Soul Mission. 

It is time, it is now, the Lightgrid needs you, and it is time to begin your Soul Work.

You may not know how this is to be, but it is written in your Soul’s Akashic Records and you will be anchored into it through this process with our representatives.

Your Soul Team is assembled and they are here to guide the energetic reigns.

Julie & Tash are part of your Earth Team, and they will guide your physical steps.

It is time, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this right now.

Who do we work with?

We only work with a select number of people who say YES to the following questions.

  • You have been running a highly successful 7-8 figure business, but you have discovered that the money isn’t enough, you yearn for more. You feel unfulfilled by the type of business you have, and you’re seeking your Soul Mission.
  • The status quo is no longer enough…you keep asking yourself “Isn’t there meant to be more than this?”
  • You are seeking a more meaningful and impactful life, but you don’t know where to start…and you don’t want to lose the momentum and lifestyle you spent so long building.
  • Procrastination and major Resistance raises its head everytime you contemplate starting something new?
  • You’ve been doing personal development work for years, but you still can’t quite get to the darkest parts of your shadow that you know you need to face to uncover the true source of your Resistance?
  • You know you have unresolved trauma that is holding you hostage and triggering procrastination and fear, keeping you from taking the necessary actions to expand your Impact?
  • You really struggle with group coaching/mentoring…it never feels like you get heard or get the individual support you actually need…you want tailored 1:1 support and guidance instead. You want to know that if you are in crisis, that someone is available for you then and there…not a month from now.
  • You understand or want to understand the hidden order of flow, you’re sick of it being so hard every time?
  • You are prolific in your quest for answers, you can’t stop learning new things…even when you know you have consumed too much and you are overwhelmed?
  • But you want more…more depth, more connectedness, more magic within the ordinariness of your life?
  • You are willing to invest 6 figures in yourself to fully bring your dream into reality, because you know having someone in your corner is what makes the difference?
  • Your Soul is knocking at your heart, and your dream won’t let you be … it insists on being birthed and you know you can’t do it alone!

Why are we different?

We really listen…
We are bespoke…
We only work 1:1…
We hear you, even when other’s don’t…
We expand your vision and co-create it with you (you are 100% owner of it)…
We are there when you need us…
We join your dots in a way no one else has.

We’re available on call, for when you really need us in the moment, not when the moment has passed.

We are your Confidantes.

Our Approach

We dig under your Resistance and neutralise the charge from past trauma and clear the way for you to bring your vision into reality.

We do the work with you, and we bring a rare combination of traditional business, personal development, esoteric and intuitive gifts to your project.

You can talk to us about anything, you bring to the table what is happening and we find the patterns that Guide you to your own Self-Revelation.

We get results!

You may read some of the words here and think “yeah, but so and so does this same Clearing work and I can just go to them.” But it’s not the same. We haven’t learned someone else’s method and rebranded it.

We aren’t being boastful, we have been chosen to channel New Earth Frequency Transmissions, and our work is uniquely our own. 

You won’t find what we do anywhere else.

Can you choose to work with another practitioner? Do they have methods that are valuable? Absolutely, we don’t take prisoners or hostages.

However, if you have been called here, there is a reason worth exploring.

Where you are

We know things are hard right now and you are in Crisis Mode

You are…

– Unfulfilled by your business and seeking a new way to Impact the world…

…but people are relying on you to keep making money.

– Questioning everything about your life, from your work to your relationships, trying to figure out why you don‘t care the same way anymore.

It’s not that you don’t love the people in your life…because you do…but there is something missing and you can’t put your finger on what it is.

– You have made the money…your business is more wildly successful than you ever anticipated, but the work just doesn’t light you up anymore…if it ever really did.

– Your life is comfortable, you have all of the physical comforts you always dreamed of having and you love that you don’t have to think about where your next meal is coming from or how to pay your bills…

…but isn’t there meant to be more?

There is an emptiness that other’s call depression…but it’s not that…there is a seeking, a yearning for more.

More deep conversations.

More magic.

More joy, fun, aliveness.

You have decided it’s time to do something about it…

And shit just got real.

Your life has started to fall apart.

You are in a Dark Night of the Soul and you have no idea how to navigate it.

You just want to crawl into a hole and hide from the world.

You know you are being Called to be of Service to create Impact in the world, but if it’s meant to be, why is it so bloody HARD!?

We hear you. We see you. In all your rawness and vulnerability.

It can feel like the whole world is against you, and you are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Source is pushing you from behind, and everyone is depending on you, but there is a pile of shit in front of you, that you just can’t climb over.

You are on the Valley floor, and you can’t even look at yourself anymore.

BUT, now that you have hit rock bottom, you are finally ready to get out of your own way. You know you need someone to reach down a hand and pull you up.

Enough procrastination, you know it’s Time!

Working 1:1 with us within

The Vortex



We Identify Roots of Resistance

1. We create a safe place for you to be vulnerable and share your deepest pain & trauma, without judgement from us.

We probe, ask questions, connect dots and identify sub-conscious patterns to get to the root of your Resistance and Self-Sabotage.

2. We look at Internal Resistance showing up in your emotions, unconscious beliefs, illness & fatigue, and sabotage behaviours.

3. We examine any external Resistance that is showing up in your environment, in the form of betrayal, people not delivering, and even things just not working the way they should.

4. We expand the vision of your new project, business or Soul Work, which may bring up significant past trauma, doubts & fears triggering constant Resistance to taking action.



We Reprogramme & Clear Blocks

1. We Clear & Re-programme all limiting beliefs, stories, fears, emotions and patterns that are at the root of your Resistance using a proprietary process called Magic not Logic™, developed by Julie & Tash Lewin, using Channelled Lightcodes and AreekeerA® Vibration. 

2. Magic not Logic™, works on all your Energy Bodies (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Auric, Energy, Spiritual & Etheric) and down into the atomic level of your DNA, from all Timelines,  lifetimes and dimensions experienced within the Soul’s Journey. It is felt in the physical body as it is happening, and a weight is lifted and peace descends after the process completes.

3. Trauma is stacked and needs to be released as it rises, one layer at a time, until we get to the absolute root. Once we release the absolute root trauma, you are then catapulted over the Chasm of Unrelenting Resistance.




We Create an Integration Plan

1. Throughout our 12 months, we will provide you a customised Integration Plan, with Activities, Meditations, and Reflective Practices, designed to change your Neural Pathways and promote permanent change. You are empowered to integrate your uplevelling, and will feel confident in continuing without us.

2. We will calibrate your Level of Consciousness (via David R Hawkins model) before our work together and afterwards, so you can see a tangible reflection of your Inner Work.

3. We channel bespoke guidance directly from your Spirit Team, and our own where appropriate. We also access your Akashic Records and pull the Timeline threads that are required to get you to your goal and Timeline Anchor (we can help you find a Timeline Anchor if you don’t already have one). Tash will channel a custom Lightcode anchoring to your Soul Work in the Akashic Records.

4. We help you design a plan for integrating your Soul Work into your business…in a way that works for you, the real you, how you best operate in the world and within the framework of your business.

Where you’ll end up

On the Other Side of your Dark Night of the Soul

The result of working with us for 12 months, is:

– an overwhelming feeling of peace, and being in flow with your life, relationships & business…a flow you will be able to call on easily and maintain, even when chaos erupts around you.

– a deep understanding of yourself, what led to your Resistance, and how to navigate it in the future.

– removal of the debris from previous coaches who didn’t get you or couldn’t Guide you in the way you needed.

– confidantes you can turn to when life gets hard, who have no vested interest in maintaining the Drama cycle.

– customised tools to manage general stress and anxiety, so you can stay above the Amnesia Line.

– a range of questions you can ask yourself to examine and unpack your emotions, fears & triggers whenever they come up, and access to Video Clearings to shift the energetic debris of them.

– a range of Daily Practices to connect with Source, and Co-Create your life & business with ease.

– the ability to birth your new Soul Work into the world, and share it with those who need it with joy and enthusiasm.

– Guides who will hold space for you to experience and feel what comes up, without trying to fix you. We become an Emotional Advisory Board you can call on, whenever you need support.


Happy Clients


“I was so frustrated because I had an amazing business vision, I knew it was needed and I had the capabilities to do it. I hired a number of different people to help me birth it, but I couldn’t get what I needed from them. It made me feel like I was “uncoachable”.

When I started working with Julie and Tash, I realised I needed somebody who could coach not just me, the businesswoman, but also me, the woman, who is led by the passion of my soul vision. To launch the business, I had to be held in all my fears around why I wasn’t launching it. Part of that was that I believed I wasn’t coachable.

It was great to be treated as a human, and any issues that came up around my fears, worries and concerns, I felt fully supported. Julie and Tash got to know the real me through the deep work we did together. I trust them. They helped co-create my website perfectly and helped me embody my business very differently and better than my original vision.

I couldn’t have done it without them. I now realize I am coachable, but I am very deep and complex and not everybody’s going to get me. They do.”

Helen glover, CEO & Divorce Coach for men @ the modern masculine

Natalie Mazzoni, CEO of The Blended Life Project


I couldn’t have done it without them. I tried…for 6 years, I tried. I have had so many coaches and mentors and they never got me. They all tried to push me in a direction I didn’t want to go. To create a business that was “where the money is”…not where my passion and heart were. When I spoke to Julie & Tash, they just got me, and my vision. Then they expanded it beyond anything I could have imagined.

They created a structure and framework based on who I actually am and where I wanted to go. They understand the energy side of business, as well as how to actually successfully run a business. They don’t just have book knowledge…like they haven’t gone and learnt something and then are coaching or teaching in it. Everything that they do comes from years of actually doing what they say. From experience not just knowledge.

It has made such a difference in me actually being able to launch this business that was only a dream a year ago. I almost can’t even believe that is has happened.

We Cleared so much bullshit, so many emotions, beliefs and stories that came from years of trauma and abuse, and I feel like a totally different person now, who I was always meant to be. I can actually step into the role of CEO in my business now, I wouldn’t have been able to do that a year ago. I honestly, hand on my heart, couldn’t have done this without them.

Natalie Mazzoni, CEO of the Blended Life Project & Founder of the Mazzoni Method

who are we?

Mother-Daughter Duo

Julie Lewin

Medical Intuitive + Business Mentor + Spiritual Coach

Hi, I’m Julie. I have been a medical intuitive for the past 36 years with my own Global business & Energy Medicine Modality AreekeerA®, and an Intuitive Business Coach & Mentor for the past 12 years. I was featured on 4 episodes of the TV show The Extraordinary. I have published 3 solo, 2 co-authored, 5 contributing author books, and 2 Oracle card decks. I am a Featured Meditation teacher on Insight Timer, with over 850,000 listens.

I have a Mission. I want to help highly successful people live a life of expanded consciousness without feeling like they need to escape & renunciate their life…or feel like their life will implode if they go on this heart-driven exploration. I want to normalise what other’s think of as weird. We can live a life of spirituality, of magic, of deep connection to Source, without being seen as flaky or crazy or weird.

Connectedness is sacred, and I treasure creating experiences of sacred life, lived moment to moment.

Tash Lewin

Intuitive Designer + Business Mentor + Spiritual Coach

Hi, I’m Tash. My mum has been doing spiritual development work since I was a baby. It has been my life, my normal since then. It is my first language as it were.

Have I always embraced it? No. Have I sometimes run from the enormity of my Mission? Absolutely yes. Am I now all in? 1000% Yes!

My childhood wasn’t easy…I was always different, and I was ostracised more often than not. But when you have a Soul Mission, you need to go through the fire…just like diamonds are created under pressure and steel is hardened by flame.

I have been a Graphic Designer & Brand Strategist and a teacher & lecturer for over a decade, a business owner for 7 years, an intuitive business Guide for 2 years, and newly uncovered Creatrix bringing new Frequency Transmission to the world through Channelled Lightcodes.

It would be my privilege to be your Soul Work Midwife and to help you birth your deepest Soul Work onto the world stage.

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