Lately you’ve been feeling like you’re lost in the dark

If you’re highly sensitive to energy, you’re likely taking on the energy from other people and beings…and it’s not your responsibility


You’ve been feeling

  • Heaviness like an anchor weighing you down
  • Anxious and overwhelmed by the smallest things
  • Depressed, flat, unmotivated and uninspired 
  • Sadness – for no reason at all
  • Disconnected from others
  • Wanting to retreat and isolate yourself
  • Shroud that nothing can penetrate
  • Physically and mentally exhausted
  • Unlike your usual self
  • No desire to do the things you love
  • Avoiding your business or hobbies

If you’re feeling all of this and can’t seem to figure out why, chances are – it’s because it’s not even yours!

Here’s the problem…

The more your frequency uplevels, the more sensitive you wil be to the energies playing out in the world.

Your light (as incredible as it is) can sometimes attract the wrong kind of attention:

Unwanted spirits, lower astral beings, untethered ancestors, dense collective energy and other not-so-nice things that can siphon, drain and attach to your energy.

And while as Empaths, Healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds or however else you identify, we are here to transmute the Dark energy to Light, you don’t have to take responsbility for any of it. It doesn’t have to be attached to you or go through you or be held by you.

It doesn’t belong to you.

And it doesn’t have to sit in your body or your Field, sucking you dry.

You have the power to transmute it by simply beaming out your Light and holding the space of Divine Love.

It’s not your fault… or that you’re not already powerful… or that you’re doing something wrong… or that you can’t protect yourself.

It’s just that, sometimes, all of us need a little hand when we’re working in the unseen realms.

And sometimes, when it has enveloped us to the point where we can’t touch the edges of it anymore, we need someone else to do the clearing.

That’s why we’re here.

“Julie and I reconnected on Facebook, as I hadn’t been feeling myself at all. I was feeling quite isolated,  disconnected from source, uninterested in human interaction and connection. Which was certainly not me. I was also concerned for a close family member who I could see was struggling. Our living arrangements and our property had some significant changes recently all of this was taking a toll energetically as well. Julie and Tash organised an energy clearing for us that day. I wasn’t home when the clearing took place. Nor did I know exactly when they were going to do it….But I felt the change in my energy strongly.

I all of sudden felt re-connected to myself and re-energized. It was instantaneous.

The heaviness I’d been carrying for the last two weeks lifted. After feeling no desire for connecting or socialising, I immediately started to call and message back all my friends and family that I had been reclusive from for a couple of weeks. I had a bounce in my step and a lightness in my heart, The difference was literally night and day.

Since then my family have been frequently supported by Julie’s energy clearing and we are learning how to do this for ourselves too. I would wholeheartedly recommend this energy and low frequency clearing to anyone who is not feeling themselves but are unsure as to why. You will feel the miraculous difference immediately. I am filled with gratitude and appreciation for all the magic Julie and her team have brought into our lives. It has been so supportive and healing. “

Robyn Ellerbock, Love Coach

By purchasing and doing these extremely powerful clearings, you can expect to feel:

→ Lighter 

→ Happier 

→ More free

→ Energized

→ Joyful

→ Expansive

→ Re-connected to your purpose and life

→ Re-connected to your soul, to Source

→ Like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders

→ Like yourself again!

Happy Students


I’ve just purchased your Energy Hygiene Kit: Maintaining Boundaries after seeing your TikTok about it.
I have felt the way you described since around the birth of my now 3.5 year old daughter.

I’ve been treated for depression in that time and diagnosed with ADHD and now taking medication for that. While there’s been some small positive changes, I can’t shake this feeling it’s something more as I’ve felt like I have this block. I’d describe it as a wall right against me in front of me
It’s hard to put into words but I’ve never felt like this and it’s been going on for so long.

I finally started wondering about the things you mentioned and just last night made a decision to investigate this further. And then today I see your TikTok which was great timing.

I felt much more myself as time went on after having completed the clearings. I felt much less stressed and able to be present and light hearted with my daughter which was pure joy. Thank you and Tash for your brilliant course and thank you again for supporting me through it.

Wendy T.

from the United Kingdom

Introducing the

AreekeerA® Energy Hygiene Kit: Maintain Energetic Boundaries

Maintain Energetic Boundaries gif

A powerful protocol containing 8 sessions to help you clear and remove unwanted energies, and potent practices to help you protect and shield your energy field so you can ban them for good.

This toolkit contains 8 targeted sessions, which you can revisit any time you need to:

1. Dense energy: This may be a build up of old and stagnant energy that is dragging down the vibration of the space you are in, your own energetic fields or objects in your environment.

2. Lower vibrational entities: These are low vibrational beings that may not have ever incarnated on Earth. They have their own agenda and it may not serve your or the planet’s highest good. They smother your Light when it is needed the most.

3. Tethered Ancestors with Unhealed Trauma: This may be your own ancestors that are causing you to live out and heal their unprocessed trauma or your environment may have other people’s ancestors tethered to it. It is not your responsibility to heal or process for these spirits.

4. Unwelcome Spirits: As you upgrade your own frequency, the Veil will get thinner. This means you may experience curious spirits that are drawn by your Light, like moths to a flame. There is no malevolence, however they can siphon your energy and that isn’t acceptable.

5. Energetic Tracking: This is when the entities and spirits place energetic tracking in your Field, so they may return whenever they want. This is also unacceptable, and we will remove it so they don’t just come back again after the Clearing.

6. Energetic Implants: this is slightly different to energetic tracking. Energetic tracking is like signals from a beacon that is in your field whereas an energetic implant is something that has been hooked into you. It is inside of your energetic bodies and it may be transmitting within your field. 

7. Closing Down Energetic Portals: During the work that you do, you can be opening up powerful energetic portals in the ethereal realms without realising you are doing it. The problem is, if these portals are not closed down properly, energies that aren’t supposed to can come through.

8. Land and property clearing: your dwelling can hold energetic imprints of all of the above, and after doing the clearings for yourself, you may notice certain rooms feel heavier when you go into them. This is why we want you to also clear the place where you live and any place you spend a lot of time.

We don’t want you processing for other people, other spirits, or other entities. It’s freeing your field to be only you. To do your soul work in the higher frequency.

If you’re not sure if you need it, DM (message) us on Instagram or Tiktok, and Julie will pendulum to see if you are being impacted by any or all of these. She will send you a video of her penduluming 🙂 it’s pretty wild stuff.


Energy Protection & Cleansing Practices

Includes x16 AreekeerA Meditations and Templates to help you maintain the clearings you have today with good ongoing energetic hygiene practices.

Happy Students


‘As someone who works frequently in the intangible realms, I’ve gotta say that what Tash & Julie have created is pure gold. For so long, I was frustrated because even when I would consciously be protecting my energy, I would still feel like I had all sorts of stuff stuck to me that I simply couldn’t clear myself. It had me not even wanting to do my soul work for quite some time, because I could sense all of the heavy energies around me wanting to latch onto me, and I didn’t want to leave myself vulnerable while doing clearing work in sessions for my clients. These clearings are so unbelievably potent, I could FEEL the heaviness and fear frequency being vacuumed out of me by the beautiful angelic beings that work through these wonderful women, and felt back to myself within moments. I feel completely confident and protected now, and can do my work without worrying that it’ll impact how I’m feeling, knowing I always have these sessions to return to as my hidden weapon!”

Bec. M

from Bali

What’s included in the toolkit:

AUD $199.00 | 3 payments of $77

Each session includes:

  • Teaching video on each topic
  • Clearing experience audio (listen online or download)
  • Journal Prompts to track your experience

8x Energy Clearings & Re-Calibrations for:

  • Dense Energy
  • Low Vibrational Entities
  • Tethered Ancestors with unhealed trauma
  • Unwelcome Spirits
  • Energetic Tracking
  • Energetic Implants
  • Closing open portals
  • Property & Land Clearing

1x Printable Lightcode Poster to put on the wall of your home or office to clear & protect it.

BONUS: 16x AreekeerA® Energy Cleansing & Protection Practices to maintain your energetic boundaries after the Clearings.

Property & Land Clearing Lightcode Poster


It’s as simple as 1,2,3…

1. Purchase the Energy Hygiene Kit:

We have made it easy to purchase the Program via our Program site. All videos and files will be made available in an easy to follow format. You can also download the audio files to listen to on your phone in your own time.

2. Prepare your Environment

Find yourself a quiet, still room to sit for 90 minutes. Create a sacred space by lighting a candle, playing some relaxing music or using some essential oils. Make sure you have a pen & journal.

3. Work your way through all the Clearings

Allow yourself the time and space to watch all of the clearings through at least once. Depending on how embedded these energies are, you might have to do them multiple times.

The first time we shared this protocol was in a live masterclass format, and it’s gotten a lot more powerful since then!

here are the results

From Attendees of Our Previous Energy Hygiene Masterclass

“Thanks Julie and Tash.

I’m really looking forward to doing the clearings again when I need them.

I’ve continued to feel lighter and more centred and less adrenalised since the workshop. I think you become so much more aware of your energy and when it’s out of balance and it’s just so good to be able to test yourself and clear whatever is stressing your system. I was just so glad to be able to get off that adrenalised feeling and understand what might be causing it.

Thank you both so much again for sharing the clearings and all your beautiful energy and experience with us.”

– Janice H.

Melbourne, Australia

“And the benefits for the whole process have continued…I finally slept more than 10 hours last night. Well and truly needed as sleep can often be a real issue and has turned into chronic insomnia. I could not be more grateful for this incredible clearing session. This morning I still feel lighter, more balanced and centred, open and expanded – and right jaw is not sore from grinding in my sleep – hallelujah.”

– Sharyn B. 

Brisbane, Australia

Who are we?

We are Julie & Tash Lewin –

Mother Daughter Duo

Emissaries of the Light

Channelling new Codes of Light to clear the way for the Light to raise the vibration of the Collective and the Planet, and move humanity into a new Age.

Helping Empaths, Lightworkers and Healers bring through and work with high frequency energies without frying themselves in the process by maintaining their energetic hygiene.


WINNER: Energy Healing Magazine - Top 10 Energy Healers 2021
WINNER: Australian Enterprise Awards - Energy Healing Specialist of the Year 2022

Julie Lewin has been a Medical Intuitive & Master Energy Healer for over 37 years. She was featured on the TV show The Extraordinary on 4 episodes. This has been broadcast all around the world. She would received bagfuls of mail every day from people who needed healing. As a result of sharing her x-ray vision seeing inside people's bodies, she developed her own Energy Healing Modality AreekeerA®. This is a collection of Visualisation Templates that have been used on thousands of clients to help them successfully heal their own bodies.

Watch ep 41 of The Extraordinary featuring Julie Lewin

As a result of starting to work with her daughter Tash, Julie has developed a new Clearing Method they have called The Cascade Method™. Through it, she cleans all 7 of the energy bodies, from the beginning of the Soul's journey, through all potential timelines, and down into the atomic level of the physical body. It is truly multi-dimensional healing. And it not only heals you, but also all of the ascendants and descendants on your family tree.

Together, they are now on a mission to Heal the Healers, and pass on the three decades of experience and knowledge Julie has gained being a Master Energy Healer to the masses.

They are passionate about the importance of Energy Hygiene and maintaining Energetic boundaries.

They help Empaths, Lightworkers and Healers bring through and work with high frequency energies without frying themselves in the process by maintaining their energetic hygiene.

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