Who are we?

Hi, we are Julie & Tash Lewin

The Mother-Daughter Duo

Emissaries of the Light

Helping Empaths, Lightworkers & Healers manage their energetic hygiene & boundaries so they can help more people without getting burnt out.

Channelling new Codes of Light to clear the way for the Light to raise the vibration of the Collective and the Planet, and move humanity into a new Age.

We do for you, what you do for others. It’s time someone took care of you for a change.

Julie & Tash, Mother-Daughter Duo, Emissaries of the Light
Julie Lewin, Medical Intuitive, Master Energy Healer

Energy Healer of the Year

WINNER:Energy Healing Magazine – Top 10 Energy Healers 2021
WINNER:Australian Enterprise Awards – Energy Healing Specialist of the Year 2022

Julie Lewin has been a Medical Intuitive & Master Energy Healer for over 37 years. She was featured on theTV show The Extraordinary on 4 episodes. This has been broadcast all around the world. She would received bagfuls of mail every day from people who needed healing.

As a result of sharing her x-ray vision seeing inside people’s bodies, she developed her own Energy Healing Modality AreekeerA®. This is a collection of Visualisation Templates that have been used on thousands of clients to help them successfully heal their own bodies.

Watch ep 41 of The Extraordinary featuring Julie Lewin

As a result of starting to work with her daughter Tash, Julie has developed a new Clearing Method they have called The Cascade Method™. Through it, she cleans all 7 of the energy bodies, from the beginning of the Soul’s journey, through all potential timelines, and down into the atomic level of the physical body. It is truly multi-dimensional healing. And it not only heals you, but also all of the ascendants and descendants on your family tree.

Together, they are now on a mission to Heal the Healers, and pass on the three decades of experience and knowledge Julie has gained being a Master Energy Healer to the masses.

They are passionate about the importance of Energy Hygiene and maintaining Energetic boundaries.

They help Empaths, Lightworkers and Healers maintain their own health & vitality so they can help others without getting burnt out in the process.

Julie & Tash, Mother-Daughter Duo, Emissaries of the Light