The ledge is fraught

It’s edge sharp, jagged

My breath gets short.

Eyes wide, sweat cold

I know it’s not real

And yet…

I know there’s no danger

And yet…

Fight or flight

Stay or run

Held fast

My thoughts fight.

A hand reaches out

No solution…

But solace.

No answers…

But held tight.

One breath and then two

A ray of light

in the dark.

A comforting warmth.

Not alone.

There’s a spark

of possibility

Of seeing a way out.

The thorns of my thoughts

prickling but not tearing

Edging in

but not overbearing.

A windowless, airless room no longer

Now spacious, light, bright, but

with edges that burn.

Room to inch forward,

room to grow, to move, to sow.

Inching forward, space to fill.

No urgency, no rush

My thoughts begin to hush.

Slow it down

See it clear

Afterall, courage is held

within the fear.